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Better management of repetitive work

Every business faces fierce competition, in terms of sales, efficiency and effectiveness. That's where automation comes in.  Automation is critical to remaining competitive in the 21st century.


The key to process automation, starts with well documented processes. Business process automation:

  • eliminates human errors

  • significantly reduces the time on tasks

  • significantly reduces costs 

  • significantly reduces resource usage

  • significantly improves efficiency

  • improves quality

We understand the as-is process and where the biggest pain-points are, then we automate.

Less time on admin and routine tasks

We are technology agnostic when it comes to automating your tasks. The choice of solutions we use, is tailored to your specific needs. Typical tasks we automate, include:

  • CRM maintenance

  • Routinely moving documents between apps or folders

  • Copying and pasting data between your tools

  • Adding meeting events to your calendar

  • Following up with customers or leads

  • Sending and collecting documents for signing

  • Creating sales proposals

  • Invoicing

  • Processing feedback from customers

  • Identifying image content or message tone


Latest technology, tailored to you

We use the latest technologies to keep both your cost and ours, down. We use a combination of phone calls, emails, web-chat to understand the tasks that need to be automated.


We present you with multiple technology options for automation, based on your specific business needs. We also recommend the optimum solution based on your unique business needs. We then automate and train your team to maintain the automation.

Some applications we leverage to deliver your business process automation

For smart SMEs looking to run on auto-pilot

We understand that automation may not be top on your priority list, right now, and you may be more focused on growth. The fact is that automation affords you a lot of the time you need to focus on growth. We offer:

  • Vanilla Automation Services (for start-ups): to ease into the process, then scale to fit.

  • Investment Appraisal: to sense-check that your investment in automation is justified, relative to your business challenges.

  • Training: to enable ongoing oversight of the automation.

  • Ongoing Support: to ensure a hassle-free oversight of the automation.


For Corporations on a digital journey

Before you invest in a new automation solution, you can leverage Nobound's expertise to make informed decisions on the best solutions. We provide:

  • Detailed Options Paper: tailored to your specific needs, providing critical insights to inform an automation approach with optimum Return-on-Investment.

  • Consultancy: advise on reaping the full benefits of automation, as well as scanning the horizon for emerging trends.

  • Resources: to work on your existing automation tools - from setup, through to maintenance and support.

Who we are

Nobound Solutions Ltd are experts in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), with a unique cost efficient model that enables offering of BPO services at very affordable rates.

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